6 Crucial Steps to Follow When Selling Used Cars

Selling your car?

Buyers are likely to ask your reasons why. But more than anything else,  they are interested in finding out whether your car makes a wise investment.

Ensure that you are selling your auto the right way. Take note of these steps.

Take loads of photos.

Consumers are wiser now than ever.

They will not attempt press the click here button on a page selling a car, but without any photo posted. They are aware as well that photo-enhancing tools exist. No worries. You need not hire a professional photographer since cameras today offer great resolution. You can produce sharp photos yourself.

Experiment on various lighting conditions. Ensure that the car itself is well lit too. Also, take as much photos as you can. Show each angle – interior and exterior – possible.checking used cars


As an independent seller, you will have to be your own advertiser too. Make your ad simple and concise.

Talk  about the key features of your car. Share what it is that you love most about your ride. Cite particular scenarios if you want. Just do not exaggerate. Do not sugarcoat.  It is inevitable for used cars to have little problems, and those you need to disclose to prospective clients.

Roll out your ad using social media as avenue. And regularly monitor your accounts so you can respond to inquiries immediately.

Prep car.

Your car should as well be ready for presentation. Bathe it. Remove all clutter inside.

Tires should be properly inflated. Tose car stickers will have to be removed regardless their sentimental value to you. To the next owner, they would not ring any bell.  It’s your call if you are to use air freshener as not all people agree on scent variants.

It also helps that you bring your car to a repair shop for an overall check up. Share the report to buyers.

Never rush buyers.

Be there yourself when talking to prospective buyers.

It is inevitable for them to request for a test drive. The rule of thumb is to wait for them to experience the car before negotiating for price. Let them examine the car in their own pace.

As a safety tip, do not leave them driving alone and agree for meetups only in public places. Always keep company. Inform a person you trust about basic details on people your are scheduled to meet so your loved ones will know where to start investigating in case emergencies arise.

Set the price right.

Setting the price right aids you sell the vehicle faster.

Be realistic. Looking at the current selling price is not enough. You are selling a used vehicle which means you will need to consider similar models that are up for re-sale. Examine your auto as well – its age, condition and mileage.

You may seek the help of experts in evaluating your car. Leave room though for haggling.

Be organized.

Finally, secure documents you will be needing.

It also pays that you dress decent since you are trying to convince people to invest in your product. Suits are not required but you need to be extra cautious how you look. Being well-prepared helps you score positive impression from potential buyers.

Remember, no one will dare transact with just any car seller. Attract trust. Show you’ve done your homework.

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